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  • Do we accept children at the hotel?
    We love children but unfortunately we do not accept children or babies at our hotel. Adults only please. It is our policy and we cannot make exceptions. Thank you for your understanding
  • How to get to Rascals Hotel Kuta, Lombok?"
    There are several ways you can travel to Lombok A) By Plane The Lombok international Airport (LOP) is located only 25 minutes from Rascals Hotel. You can find direct flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. There are many domestic flights from most airports in Indonesia such as Bali and Java. We have found Garuda to be the best airline as it does not get delayed as much as ‘Wing Air / Lion air’ (same company). A quick tip: If you type in LOP and it comes up with Mataram, it is the same airport, they moved it from Mataram several years ago but didn’t update it on the website. B) Fast Boat from Bali Many people coming from Bali choose the option to come via fast boat. You can come straight to Lombok or stop at the Gili islands (Gili T., Gili Air & Gili Meno). The fast boats leave in Bali leave from PADANG BAI harbor, on the east coast of the island. Most companies go to the harbor in SENGIGGI or TELUK NARE (when coming from Nusa Lembogan). C) Slow Ferry from Bali Between Bali and Lombok there is a slow ferry running 24/7, usually leaving every full hour. You can take your motorbike or car on the ferry or just go as a walk-on passenger. The Slow ferry leaves from PADANG BAI in Bali and will arrive in LEMBAR in Lombok. D) Public Boat from the Gili islands If you come from the Gili T., Gili Air or Gili Meno you can easily come to Lombok by a public wooden boat. It takes around 20 minutes by slow (local boat) to arrive in Bangsal Harbor from any Gili Island.
  • Do you provide transport from the airport or harbor?
    Yes we are happy to provide transportations for you. We just need you to provide us with the following: FOR FLIGHTS: - Arrival time - Company & flight number - Airport of depature - If you are bring large luggage such as surfboards FOR BOAT/FERRY: - Fast Boat Company - Arrival time - If your coming with big luggage such as Surfboards Price List: Airport: 150,000 IDR (One Way) Bangsal : 450,000 IDR (One Way) Senggigi: 350,000 IDR (One Way) Lembar: 400,000 IDR (One Way) Kayangan(Harbor to Sumbawa): minimum 700,000 IDR (One Way) **These prices are subject to change (All prices are based on standard rates)
  • Do they have ATM’s near Rascals Hotel?
    We have a C.I.M.B. ATM on site that is available to all our guest. Which accepts debit & credit cards with the logo of Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, MEPS, Plus, JCB, ATM Bersama and ATM Prima.
  • What is the best way to get around in South Lombok?
    In Lombok everyone gets around by scooter (motorbike). It's not necessary to know how to drive a scooter you just have to be willing to learn. We are happy to show you once you arrive. We have bikes for rent at Rascals Hotel. All our scooters are automatic and its seriously not so hard driving one ☺ Traffic in the Kuta area is very small (non-existent) being that we don’t even have a single traffic light. Just the occasional Water Buffalo herd crossing the road. In the Kuta area the police do not really check for international driving license or a driving license in general. But please note that your travel insurance will not cover any costs in case of an accident if you drive without a license. If you not comfortable driving a scooter we will gladly organize a driver for you. - Scooter rental: 60,500 IDR Per Day - ½ Day Tour w/ Driver: 600,000 IDR (4hours) - Full Day Tour w/ Driver: 800,000 IDR (8 hours) - Additional hour: 100,000 IDR **These prices are subject to change (All prices in Indonesian Rupiah)
  • How far is Rascals Hotel from Kuta center and the Beaches?
    Rascals Hotel is a 5 minute walk to central Kuta. Kuta beach is also only 10 minutes away walking as well. South Lombok offers so many beautiful beaches that are a short scooter or car ride away. The following beaches are located WEST of Kuta: - Are guling 15 minutes by scooter - Mawun 20 minutes by scooter - Tampa/Lacing 25 minutes by scooter - Mawi 30 minutes by scooter - Selong Belanak 35-45 minutes by scooter - Serangan 60 minutes by scooter The following beaches are located EAST of Kuta: - Segar 15 minutes by scooter - Tanjung Aan 20 minutes by scooter - Gerupuk 25-30 minutes by scooter
  • What activities does Kuta, Lombok area offer during my stay at Rascals Hotel?"
    There are plenty of things to do in the Kuta area such as: - Beach Hopping - Day Trips to Waterfalls - Surfing - Stand Up Paddling (SUP) - Body Boarding - Snorkel trips - Diving (Beginners & Advanced) - Private Boat Rentals - Yoga - Muay Thai/ Crossfit Training - Spa/Massages - Visit The Bat Cave - Visit The Monkeys on Kuta Beach - Horse Back Riding - And so, so, so much more! :)
  • Can Rascals Hotel organize trips? (i.e. Rinjani Trekking, Komodo Tour etc.)"
    We are more than happy to to give advice for your trips based on our experience of the area. If we provide the service we will definately help but if we don't, we will know who does! :)
  • Can I go surfing in Kuta, Lombok?"
    South Lombok is known for Surfing. So its defiantly something you should try while visiting us. We work with a company in town and can organize a surf trip for you and a group. Starting from beginner to any level. Please just ask our reception to organize this for you.
  • What are the operating hours of Rascals Hotel reception?
    Our reception is open from 07:00- 22:00 If you are checking-in/out outside of these times please let us know ahead of time and we will arrange someone to be there.
  • How can I pay while staying at Rascals Hotel?
    We accept payment forms of Cash, Visa or MasterCard. Please note that there is 3% surcharge for paying with a Debit/ Credit Card. We have to pay our bank for running cards.
  • What is the cancellation policy for Rascals Hotel?
    Peak Season: If you cancel within 14 days of your arrival you will be charged 50% of the total room cost. Low Season: If you cancel within 7 days of your arrival you will be charge one full night stay.
  • Are there security staff that work at Rascals Hotel?
    We have security guards 24/7 at our Hotel.
  • Is breakfast included in the room rate?
    Yes all of rooms rates include breakfast. (7:30am-10.00am).
  • Does Rascals Hotel offer WIFI?
    Yes of course! Wave designed Rascal for each room to have its own private high speed optic fibre connection for work or play. Plus there is high speed wifi in all the chill out areas so you always stay connected.
  • Do you offer on-site laundry services?
    Laundry is great way to support the local community and they do a great job! There are several places just a short walk from us that do a great job.
  • Can I drink the tap water at Rascals Hotel?
    Great question. We have the latest water purification system from Starfish Bali. This is used in our restaurant and facilities. Even with this, please don't drink water from the tap. We have water dispensers around the hotel grounds so you can easily fill up your two glass bottles in each room.
  • Does Lombok currently have any outbreaks of Rabies?
    Lombok is a history free rabies island. There has never been any cases of rabies registered from a monkey or dog. If you get bitten you should still go and see a doctor to make sure your bite does not get infected.
  • Can you contract Malaria or Dengue while in Lombok?
    The government announced Central Lombok (which includes Kuta) has been Malaria free from a few years back. This was not the case in the past, a decade ago there was quite a problem with Malaria and that is why people still associate Lombok with Malaria. But we say: Don’t worry! Dengue is an issue throughout Indonesia and unfortunately there is dengue in Lombok. But typically its found more in the Rinjani and Central Lombok as it is alot wetter in those regions. Always best to consult your doctor before traveling to foreign countries.
  • Are there any medical centers or hospitals close to Rascals Hotel?
    We do have many small centers in Kuta. They also have medical supplies and medicine if need be. There is International Hospital located about 45 minutes (In Mataram) from Rascals Hotel as well.
  • How many people can stay in the room?
    All of our rooms only provide for 2 guests and just a reminder, its no kids or babies as we are adults only.
  • Are there any shops to buy food, hygiene products or gifts?"
    There are many convenient shops in Kuta such as AlfaMart, IndoMart, MiniMart that you can buy snacks and drinks and hygine products. Also Kuta has local fruit shops, there is a small market every morning as well. There are many places to buy fun gifts for friends and family back home or treat yourself. We are situated in the quiet part of town, only 5 minutes walking distance from all of these.
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